Every Block Chicago 

For those curious about a lost dog you saw, or when your local park is hosting a clay sculpting class, or just have to know about the 12 squad cars parked outside your neighbor's house last night.

Gapers Block

An eclectic news site to find out which local won the air guitar championships, or what exhibit is causing controversy at the MCA, or an interview with the waitress who serves Rahm his breakfast every morning.

DNA Info

Wonder why their were helicopters flying over your 'hood last night? Want to read about the latest alderman indictment? Maybe curious about the raucous meeting for your new playground monkey bars? An extensive site updated daily with news from throughout Chicago's varied neighborhoods.

Curbed Chicago

If the real estate pages had a gossip section, this would be it. They manage to show you photos of a local celebrity house with links to controversial building tear-downs and previews of building plans to major Chicago projects all with the promise of cheeky headlines.

Chicago Police Crime Stats

The definitive place to go when you want to see exactly what type of crime happens on any particular block, or more precisely, to see that crime between Humboldt Park and Lincoln Park isn't as drastic as you might expect. Check out the odd crime symbols, like this:

Forgery & Counterfeiting

Chicago Zoning Site

Your neighbor told you he plans on building a four unit split face block monstrosity, it's time to find out what your block or building is zoned for. Packed full of nerdy zoning info. You'll love it!

Chicago Buildings Department (PERMITS)

See what projects need a permit, how you can get one yourself and find the long list of projects that do NOT need a permit. You'll also find information for Green building credits and the City of Chicago's dedication to the world's worst graphic design.

Cook County Assessor

Taxes. How much are your neighbors paying compared to you? It's a bit confusing, and it will take a day's research to figure out what all the numbers mean, but it's still useful.

Chicago Public Schools - What School comes with this House?

Can't figure out what elementary school serves your new home? This is THE map locator for the entire city of Chicago so you can find a house in the school district you prefer. Unfortunately, there are not lunch lady ratings.

The ONLY way to build New Constuction by Samuel Mockbee

If you have the fortitude to build a new home, this man should be your Master. Unique, sustainable, and empowering. If you are not familiar with his work or philosophy, it's worth the visit.

What's Happening Tonight...TimeOutChicago

You won't find the themed masquerade parties that take place in the abandoned underground sewer channels every third Tuesday of the month, but otherwise, it's probably listed here.

Craigslist: One Stop Shopping...for ANYTHING

Has the world ever seen a better database of users exchanging every conceivable 'thing' a human could desire, from employment to marriage to free piles of rubber bands? It's all Chicago local and it's all here, and despite the over-CAPITALIZED free market's inevitable infiltration, the home team is still winning.

Chicago Park District

Cheap yoga, cheap crafts, cheap gym memberships, cheap beer...uh, well, you get the idea. Schedules for the pools, special events, full moon parties. Tax dollars you'll want to take advantage of.


A truly comprehensive real estate website to see what people are talking about, and selling, and buying, and basically anything to do with anything real estate related will have some discussion going.


The same as above but with even more real estate advice sections, like "how to refinance a mobile home" or "how to fire a realtor who also happens to be my mother"

The Bloomingdale Trail

No, not an expensive trip to 900 N. Michigan. It's an elevated rail line, gaining new life as a strolling, jogging, biking, art extravaganza path through four Chicago neighborhoods extending from the Chicago River through Wicker Park/Bucktown into the western sections of Humboldt Park/Logan Square, conveniently one block from the Captain Realty office!

Heartland Alliance: Help Chicago Refugees

This is not a way to help Chicago residents who have fled the cold but rather a crucial organization that provides every imaginable resource to Chicago's immigrant, low income and refugee populations, and where I have been a volunteer ESL teacher for years.

Blind Services Association: The Name Says It All

A Chicago based organization for over 85 years that provides services for visually impaired people (but not of the inebriated variety), and where I have been a volunteer reader for several years.

Humble Parkito: Chicago's Most Unique Community Garden

The unfinished site doesn't do it justice. Beehives, Permaculture, Edible Mushroom Logs, Murals, Sculptures, Produce, Flowers, Planted Labyrinth, 13 Barrel Rain Collection System. No individual plots. Perhaps, Chicago's most unique community garden. Located on the 1600 Block of North Richmond Street, You can't miss it. Yes, I am a member.